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Custom Product

Custom Product is our Specialty

Raptor Power builds custom PDUs for all applications.  There is no minimum order for custom PDUs!

CONTACT US to get your custom project started today!

       Power Configurations                                                                                                                                                                                        
Choose any power configuration; single, dual, or three-phase with any voltage from 120V to 600V.
Voltage Conversion
Step up or step down any voltage with integrated transformers.
Surge Protection
Surge protection with MOVs (metal oxide varistors).
Circuit Protection
Protect mains and branch circuits with thermal or magnetic circuit breakers or fuses.
Get real-time metrics from onboard integrated LCD meters to show voltage, current, watts, temperature or frequency.
Enclosure Styles
Chose any enclosure style; 0U, rack mount, tabletop, freestanding, wall mount and more.
Remote Control & Monitoring
Control and monitor PDUs with Raptor Connect software.  Turn outputs on and off and monitor sensors.
EMI/RFI Filtering
Ensure clean power with integrated EMI/FRI filters.
Choose any connector type; NEMA, IEC, CS, MIL, Terminals and more.
Safety and conformance compliance certifications can be done for any unit type.
Military & Shipboard
Any PDU can be manufactured to be rugged and military and shipboard compliant.
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